Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women In Nylon Why Don't Women Wear Nylon Stockings Any More?

Why don't women wear nylon stockings any more? - women in nylon

I noticed that there are celebrities on TV, etc., when used often do not wear short skirts nylons. For me, nylon stockings lady a class is more finished, more and what man does not dream of a woman with nylon stockings. Its almost like chrome wheels on a truck, is not it a better truck on the road, maybe not, she sees the car better, yes. And why women do not wear nylons anymore?


Nicole said...

I know ... Too bad. I think it all started to say with sex and madness of the city and the diva of fashion, that nylon does not look good with open-toe shoes. Fortunately, the divas of fashion now, "said the green shoes and socks / stockings are, I think they are short of ideas.

I wear every day if I am a skirt / dress or pants to work, as my legs look better. And I get a lot of praise. A woman without resources is like a man wearing a suit without socks ... something is missing.

Jbay said...

Nylons are beautiful. However, it is to bear really, really, really a couple should understand working of not less than 8 hours a day, why women are smarter and no longer lose money on this defective product. Go ahead, nobody will wear under pants and shoes. As you are probably afraid that I think the best I can explain.
I bet you've achieved and how they pulled down the size of a ridiculous way. Read the back of the packaging for its size. Each size is designed to fit women who achieve weight for height and services. Feel kind of discomfort in the groin area is not it?
The worst thing is that it is very difficult to spend the day with nylons over too. This is the worst! Use Bok and how you falling through the pants, but what if she wears a skirt? It sounds terrible.
By late afternoon, feet and shoes suck! His legs are relieved to get out of these damn things. Oh, I hope you try it, so that you the relief you feel after you start to experience the nylon!
I know see how you and others the feeling of bare legs
then only in pants. Skirts can take a walk.

Kelli said...

I agree with you and Nicole .... Television and film had a great influence on the wear of the legs for women in their late 90s to today. As the men to stop wearing ties and dress has been quietly in the rule. Even the so-called nylon, I think it is a sentence to all the stockings, tights, thigh highs, stay UPS, etc. In the 30s and only 40 nylons, nylon cover what has been referred to had. 100% nylon stockings or tights can uncomfy so I do not see much.

I have seen women, more than half then again, maybe using this trend is going bad naked in reverse!

Thank you!

Katie said...

Nylons really still have their place, but the changing trends. Some people welcome the bare legs, while others complain of this development. Do not worry, it may soon carry back to the nylons. And if the leagues and take down stickers to be, and knows many guys (and girls) we are very pleased!

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