Saturday, February 6, 2010

Columbia Jacket Security Tag Where Would A Security Tag Be In A Columbia Ski Jacket?

Where would a security tag be in a Columbia Ski Jacket? - columbia jacket security tag

I bought a Columbia ski jacket consumption of a discount store this weekend and every time I walk into a store beyond that. I have to stay there and wait for someone to show me to the entrance from where I bought the jacket, and once I had empty pockets and her purse. I checked all the pockets and can not find what you're doing all the alerts at any time I enter or exit the store to go. The place we bought does not seem familiar to the jacket. Ideas?


crazziji... said...

Label in the jacket ... ...................................
We had to call the manufacturer as soon as this product can turn on the label and only authorized dealers it.they had to remove a special device to send

natchomo... said...

If you disable a strong magnet and move around the sheet to the day. So much the worse.

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